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[PC-Bug] Wrong wheel setup G29

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There was this issue since F1 2017. My Logitech G92 steering axis setup is set by defult to 50% of sensitivity and 900° degree turn in the Logitech Gaming Software. Is it okay until I launch the game, because in the game I should set the Steering sensitivity to 66(!) to get close to the real life steering. Even if I set the steering axis to 100% in LGS still I should set in the game this sensitivity. So I just decided to modify in the LGS the 900° to 660°. With this it was perceft! Until I launched again the game. Because after the launch the steering wheel is just set to right and I should hold my steering wheel always left to go straight! 
I think codemasters should fix this bug that the game should ignore the steering wheel turns degree because with it, it is totally unuseful!
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