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(PC) Game does not start, Black Screen and the whole PC freezes

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My game doesn't even start, anyone got the same problem and found a workaround for it?
If i try to start the game, my screen turns black and my pc freezes completely so i need to cut the power to restart.
I tried so far, verifying gamecache, install on C (ssd) and D (hdd). Tried different Nvidia Drivers. Even completely made a fresh reinstall of my windows and it still doesn't work.

What appears to be a problem too is that my "My Games -> F1 2018 -> hardwaresettings" folder contains 2 files but these files are completely empty. Tried to use the F1 2017 files but hasn't worked.

I've also tried some suggestions from the steamforums but it still doesn't work

The fix on Page 5 here does not seem to work either http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/136974/f1-2018-crashes-on-loading-screen-with-some-older-cpus-e-g-phenom-athlon-ii-pc-version-1-04#latest

Please help me :/

8gb ram
Nvidia Drivers 398.82

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I seem to have found the fix that works for me... I completely resetted my BIOS and now it seems to work... strange that F1 2017 seems to run without a BIOS reset oO

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