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A Simulation & The Assist Solution: F1 2015

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There are two divided camps on how the physics/handling/force feedback should feel in this game.

Some want the game to have the arcadey feel that it has, while others want it to feel like iRacing/rFactor/Assetto Corsa.... and in fact, a lot of the latter group refuse to touch it because it isn't a sim in anyway.  There's a reason there are rFactor/Assetto Corsa mods, and even GP4 mods which re-create the latest Formula 1 cars in those sims - because Codemasters aren't giving those people what they want.

So, arcadey or sim?  The question is, why can't it be both?  That would open the game up to everyone and massively boost sales for Codemasters.

The way to do this is by having the assists scale differently.  In short, no assists makes the game feel like one of the Formula cars in iRacing/rFactor/Assetto Corsa, and assists on can make it feel like F1 2014  does now.  Obviously, a realistic physics model will change how the car reacts, but with assists on, what happens when you push the pedals/buttons can still be equivalent to what happens now in terms of the degree of throttle/brake control required

The big issue with the current iteration of Codemasters F1 game is that there's very little difference between TC/ABS on and TC/ABS off.  It's basically a small degree of throttle/brake control is required vs no control is required.   There just needs to be a much bigger difference between on and off for all the assists.  on = arcade racer, off = sim racer.

So, can F1 2015 cater to everyone?  The sim crowd and the arcade crowd?  It's possible, but will Codemasters deliver?
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I think it was the sbk games that had arcade mode and pro (or something) codies could do this by making arcade all the scenario modes, season challenge,TT, time attack and maybe few more and leave the cars as they are now with assists then have a sim mode where we have real damage, mechanical failures, warm up lap, manual pit/safety car, proper setups and obviously sim physics :) It would surely please everyone then as ppl could still think there alonso in arcade and the hardcore would have a good F1 game to play. As long as codies put sliders for AI pace so we can all find one that suits us I think it could work. Prob never happen but one can dream
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Yes of course it is possible but would the extra effort be worth their time as they consider the sim market to be too small. Don't get me wrong, if the game had pure sim options then I would be playing it with them enabled, but you can tell from what is on offer that the casual gamer is their primary focus.
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As of now, the game is Arcadey with assists off and Very Arcadey with assists on.

Just make a third option:

Simulation with assists: off
Arcadey with assists: weak
Very Arcadey with assists: strong

But wait. I really doubt of CM competence to do so. Not even a matter of planning and budget. Matter of coding skills really.
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Codemasters F1 games have never been simulations.  Even with all assists off.  Their games have be arcade with some sim aspects ( or "simcade").  I don't want them have to concentrate on making two games in one package to appease the sim crowd.  Just make one game that works on release day, and is balanced between pad and wheel users. 

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