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The 2014 United States Grand Prix


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Liam12d said:
If Rosberg were to win by 1 solitary point then forever everyone will look at the incident he caused at Spa as his saving grace. 
No , forever everyone will look at the ridiculous double points in the last race.

Anyway , however much I dislike Hamilton , if he goes into Abu Dhabi with a lead over 25 points then he's champion in my eyes (and everyone else's too I would think ) no matter what happens in Abu Dhabi.

@GoldenColt As if everyone on here doesn't talk about people. You were fine with it when it was Vettel everyone was giving out about.  ;)
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So, Perez is blaming Sutil for the crash. Is he high? Was he drug tested before the race? Sutil stayed wide to avoid him, Perez hit Raikkonen and then just bounced off into Sutil. I don't particularly rate Sutil, but there's no way he did anything wrong in that corner.

I agree with Perez, it was Sutil's fault for existing.
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fIsince08 said:
An interesting point Ted Kravitz made on the notebook. Since the coaching ban at Singapore, Rosberg has failed to win a race...
Completely irrelevant if you ask me. There's been 4 races since then - one he retired in and one he messed up at turn 1. So only two races where we've actually seen Hamilton come out on top in direct competition without so called "coaching". Not enough to justify anything, yet. 

Plus he's hasn't won since Germany anyway, 4 races before the radio ban. If he'd been winning and on a roll up until Singapore fair enough, but he wasn't. The radio ban didn't change his form at all. 
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