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Question about weather before I buy...

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I'd like to know if you can still run on slick tyres when the weather changes from dry to wet. In previous games you could run for a good 5 laps or so in the rain on dry tyres before needing intermediates. I'm wondering if CM have fixed this so like in real life F1, as soon as it starts to rain, slicks become very useless and dangerous and you need to fit inters asap.
I just watch a youtube video of a scenario mode from f12014 where you are a ferrari starting on dry tyres on a clearly wet track. your objective is to come 1st which he did easily. But there was rain falling and the tyres were kicking up spray. it's just so incredibly unrealistic I cant believe CM havent fixed it after 5 games!
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For me, tyre temperatures are much harder to control this year, meaning that as soon as the rain starts to come down, my tyres are quite cold. So (downforce, wheelspin and temperatures combined) you certainly will be struggling for grip in dry/wet conditions.

However, keep in mind that the AI will not suffer and keep setting lap times as if there is no rain.
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