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F1 2014 Online Live Stream at 6pm (GMT)

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Come check it out and play with me on steam (add MickeyMoTiOnZ)

I'm also doing a giveaway and here are the rules.

▶ Rules for Racer Of The Stream £10 Gift Card!

Racer of the stream is a mini competition during live with the subs where the viewers vote for who was the best driver. 

1.) Whoever wins the title "Racer Of The Stream" the most this week, will win a £10 Steam Gift Card.
2.) Winner properly announced on Monday 3rd November 2014

▶ F1 2014 Giveaway

- This will be announced later this week in Career Mode!

▶ The rules for the The £5 gift card giveaway are...

1)  Subscribe to MickeyMoTiOnZ
2)  Like the Live Stream 
3)  Like the highlights of that exact Live Stream (which is uploaded the next day)
4)  Comment *ONLY on the Highlights* :  #MickeyGiftCard
5) All 6 winners will be announced on Tuesday 4th November 2014

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