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(PC) Menu buttons are messed up AGAIN!!


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OK So ..once again the menu button fiasco has reared its ugly head once again (same as in F12016).

In F1 2016 on PC the menu buttons would sometimes appear as "Press button X" or "A" or "Y" or "O"...even though I do not have an X-Box controller! Sometimes it would be normal showing the Function keys (on the keyboard or the Enter key or the escape key.. Now in F1 2018 (PC) the same same same old story.. the "Function" keys are sometimes there and other times it "1' '2' "3' "4' "5' buttons.. Seriously??

I do not have a controller plugged in or even in the same room.. I have Thrustmaster T300 with Alcantara 599XX Rim attached.
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