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Hi all,
yesterday evening i was in a "only invite" lobby, 16 players, no IA, ghosting OFF. We had a bug that i want to report in detail.

As you can see on the video below, during the short qualifying, one player (Lelesalva), has a mistake at turn 11 and hit the wall. After that he was really near at the Tororosso that passed there. He got a 5 position penalty on starting grid. (look on the picture here -> https://f1italiancommunity.altervista.org/drop5 )

Just before to start the formation lap the screen was vibrate (like stuttering, but worst... like you put a magnet near the old TVs). If i press square to go to "race strategy" the screen was OK, but if i come back again on the pad view the screen was vibrating again. On the video you see a black band that descends from top to bottom, but what i see on game was "screen vibrating".
When i press X to go to the formation lap i was on the same starting box with another driver and my car was floating in the space. Look at the video.


Unfortunately i haven't the video of the start of the race, but we drive one inside the other till the first turn. (then @MicheMai51 brakes and the cars broke up and we could race normally )

I'm here if you have questions about.

Hope this will be hopeful.

@Faya @Hoo

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