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Impossible to keep up with the AI race pace solely due to high tyre inner carcass temperatures.

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5 hours ago, grulli84 said:

I never had an issue while using a pad (xb1). But I just recently acquired the Thrustmaster 458 Spider wheel and my front tyres are overheating and degrading like crazy!


I understand that I need to get used to the wheel etc, but it should be easier, like I said, never had this problem before and I was faster on a pad (AI 80) vs what I am on the wheel (AI 65).


I tried messing with the setups, camber and toe, a softer suspension, lower preassure... it helps but just a bit, and the problem seems to affect me more on career mode (Sauber).

You probably attack the corners more aggresiive with the wheel try to use understeer as your friend dont steer hard into corner and let the car do the remanining

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