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Modding in F1 2018

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Codemasters F1 games have never been very mod friendly, but F1 2017 was two steps too far and it hasn't changed for F1 2018.

Codemasters did get rid of the inability to save carrer progress with mods in an update of F1 2017, however the inability to play multiplayer remains. Hopefully not much longer.
Yes, it does protect from cheating in some regards (not always though), but the fact that you get kicked for cheating by adding even just one simple sponsor logo on your sponsorless McLaren MP4-13 is outright ridiculous.
The reason why this happens is, because the system sees every change within a car folder as a change of the car performance and therefore as cheating. I highly doubt it'd be a big problem to tell the system only changes to the handling file of a car have the potential to gain an unfair advantage.

The importance of modding is bigger than the codemasters devs seem to think.
To put it simple: Modding keeps the experience fresh and exciting.
Adding new teams, tracks or engine sounds with mods is what keeps us playing for multiple seasons. In F1 2016 i've played five seasons of carrer mode, because every season was something new for me, because i was able to mod unique seasons. In F1 2017 i wasn't able to do that and stopped playing carrer mode after one and a half season.
Of course after the update modding carrer mode was possible, but first of all i don't want to change my game files every time i switch between carrer mode and multiplayer (i did for some time and once it kicked me even though i was playing the version without mods, so... yeah), secondly i would also like to use some skins in multiplayer and there's no reason why i shouldn't be allowed to. Thirdly these actions against modding have made many professional modders simply stop their amazing work, because it wasn't worth it. This meant only few good mods were available.

I'm not saying this Anti-Cheat system should be removed, because it is doing something, however it would be better for the longevity of the game and the sanity of modders to allow changes to anything, but the handling files in multiplayer, so we can make everyone's game unique to their likings without unfair advantages in multiplayer.
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