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More Issues, Career Mode and Online

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Online - You can join a custom race lobby that is in qualifying, and still race from the back. But two times in a row when doing this, I am forced to use whatever setup I used in the previous online race that is usually a different track! Everything but front aero is greyed out as in parc ferme conditions. This is annoying as I haven't even qualified for the race so no setup should be present on the car, and have waited 10 minutes for the qualy session to finish. Silly bug that was present on 2013 as well.

Career - Once again we seem to have a range of AI difficulty that varies dependent on which race track you are at. In 2013, China, Spain for example were particularly difficult, yet Australia and Canada were far too easy. In 2014, China is now much more manageable, Spain is still ridiculously difficult. Australia is now much harder, but Austria is far far too easy, the AI aren't fast enough. Everyone is doing well in Austria. In Monaco, the AI are too slow, I completely dominated in a Mclaren. So now I will go into season 2 of career mode basically knowing which races I will find hard and which I will find difficult. Surely Codies did not intend to have this range of difficulty? It should be very easy to test and tweak to even out the pace across the season.

I will again recommend a 'bug list' that Codemasters can stick to the wall of their HQ. When they design a new game, they read this list and ensure that all the previous years bugs are not present. It's quite simple.

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