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[PS4] [Career] No teammate selection


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Hi all,

When you select your first team, you as a player are able to select your teammate (for example, you can select second drivers such as Raikkonen, Verstappen (who shouldn't be second driver anyway) and Leclerc. I really like this functionality, since I prefer some second drivers over the first ones as being my teammate. However, I'd like to start with a small team and after some time earning a contract at the larger teams. However, when switching teams mid-career, you are not able to select who your teammate is. This means you always have to drive with Vettel, Ricciardo or Ericsson as a teammate (regarding the examples above).

My proposal: include a tab in the contract negotiations with a new team whereby you are able to select your teammate OR after successful contract negotiations with your new team you get the same screen as when you first launch the career where you can select your teammate (visually seeing the drivers).
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