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FLASH-TEAM Community

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Flash Team Community is born years ago with Grid 1.
We are gamers and e-racers with the only purpose to find a common fun.
We always look for new members and to be friends each other.
Is an open racers/gamers group, this mean you can talk and share your gaming experience without be a registered member.
Or you can join the official* members list and be someone with FLASH-yournick tag for online racing.
Of course, if you like flash tag and want to use without registration, we have a lot of this text line available :D
(*you can also join official members list without flash tag)
So welcome everyone! 
Our places on the web:
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site down

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Hahahahaha . . . only just found this . .nice one, Jo, I see we are spreading our wings a little, lol.

Y'know how the expression goes; "you can't keep a good man down" . .  

I see you have hijacked the AutoSport logo, lol . .
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