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AI Results are fixed. Is this a SNES Mario Kart?

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1~2 Mercedes

3~6 Red bull,Ferrari(ALO>RAI)

7~12 McLaren(MAG>BUT),Williams,Force India(HUL>PER)

13~14 Toro rosso

15~16 GRO,SUT

17~18 GUT,MAL

19~20 KOB,BIA

21~22 CHI,ERI

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Snide thread title aside this is something I'd personally like to see worked on. I've said in a couple of threads that tiers need to be much closer or mixed depending on the track/career progress.
It was worse in 2013 so it's at least an improvement but 2012 had it nearly perfect, especially in the races.
I believe Button, Perez and Rosberg in particular need a boost in performance. All three are always far too slow in the first stints usually and to stay close to real life need a big boost. All the team mates should be nearly identical in performance with the exception of Red Bull where Ricciardo should outperform Vettel more often, Alonso should obviously be performing better than Raikkonen and Button should be ahead of Magnussen more often than not. Maybe even add Bottas slightly ahead of Massa more as well. Tier 2 should be at least within a tenth or two of tier 1 (with the exception of Mercedes) and tier 3 should be within half a second at the most to tier 2.

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