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QUESTIONNAIRE ~ F1 2013 Audience Profile...

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A couple of months ago I posted a questionnaire on this website.. turns out the work I did was in complete and I was asked to add a few more questions to the questionnaire by my college tutors... So I am back again with a further 7 questions... It would be great to get a good response preferably by this time tomorrow as I found out about the work today and it needs to be handed in Friday morning.... So please help and here are the questions

1. Do you like Formula 1?   Yes | No
2. Have you played Formula 1 2013?    Yes | No
3. If yes, what do you enjoy about the game? 
4. What do you do in your free time?
5. Do you play a lot of video games?   Yes | No
6. If yes how many hours a week do you spend playing games?
7. What type of games do you play?
8. What do you enjoy about this type of game?
9. Why do you like this type of game?
10. Do you have any games consoles?   Yes | No
11. If yes, what consoles do you have?
12.  How old are you?
13. Do you use social Media?   Yes | No
14. Do you prefer single or multiplayer games?
15. Are you male or female?
16. What genre most appeals to you?
17. Would you consider yourself a casual, mid-core or hardcore gamer?
18. Where do you live?
19. Where and how do you buy games?
20. How much do you spend on gaming per month?
21. What other games do you enjoy?
22. Do you play F1 2013 Competitively? With other people or with professional AI or higher?  Yes | No
23. What do you do when you are not playing games?
24. What type of music do you listen to?
25. Do you normally race as a front runner, mid fielder or back marker?
26. Do you like other sports or motor sports?   Yes | No
27. If yes, what other sports do you enjoy?

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