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Quite bad skipping on replays PS4 Pro


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Hi guys, I have seen somewhere another post about the smoothness of play. I get a very rare tearing in racing but its actually really bad in replays, I have seen 3 now in Azerbaijan, Russia and Brazil the replays are very poor.
I play on PS4 Pro and use a 4K HDR TV.
Anyone else experiencing this? I have checked settings for TV and PS4 Pro and all seem fine. If this is the game is there a patch coming for it soon?
As I say its very rare in racing in career but it would be awesome to take it out altogether, some replays really are worth watching with how amazing the AI are now. Saw a big battle I wasn't even a part of. Hamilton, Vettel and Sainz all DNF'ed together with onscreen message and saw Hulkenberg and Alonso pitting when all pits were complete. No idea at the time of racing what went down. Unfortunately the quality of replay was really bad but what went down would have been amazing to save to YouTube or something. Casio Triangle and 4 AI fighting crazy hard! 
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