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F1 2018 Steam - The steering wheel of the car does not turn.


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Well I have been dealing with a problem in my game, everything was quiet until yesterday 02/09/2018, when I open the game and went to continue my career, the steering wheel of the car simply does not turn over, it does not make the movement when I make a curve, it gets stuck, the gameplay remains the same, but aesthetically the steering wheel is locked, I attached a photo to help understand, it is possible to see the wheels turned to the left to the maximum, but the steering wheel is as if going straight , can be a bug beast but this is bothering me a lot to play, what I do to solve this, I tried to verify the integrity of the files by Steam, I tried to recover the files, but nothing worked, I continue with the problem ...

I play on the PC by Steam.
The current game version is 1.05
The first time I saw the problem was in career mode but I tested it and so is this in all other game modes.
I use the Microsoft Xbox One control to play.
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