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F!2014 MAJOR AI ISSUES!!!!!!

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Whenever I play f12014, no matter what circuit i am on, no matter what race distance or condition, the AI will go off at the same particular corner every lap, which gives me a 2 minute lead by the time the first round of pit stops comes around. It doesn't make a fun game. Some examples are the middle sector in Shanghai, Last corner is Austria, Backstraight in Bahrain, last shicane in monaco. These are just a few. Also, i notice that when i race 100%, the about four of five vars will stop out on track, sometimes your main rivals, which is disappointing as it makes the game very boring. Yellow flags are also then brought out unnecasarilly. CODEMASTERS I THOUGHT THAT YOU HAD LEARNT FROM YOURE MISTAKES IN F12013, BUT YOU HAVENT.  if these problems aren't fixed  the game just becomes pointless with rubbish  AI. Any solutions are welcome from the community or from the Codies themselves.


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