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Medium TC Update Roll Back

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Okay so I've just seen the Update Tweet from Codemasters.

What on earth are they thinking?!
I find it absolutely mond boggling that they claim "We listened to the community" 

LIKE WHICH COMMUNITY?! The PC update was out for 1 day, not even.
Console was not affected yet.

Medium TC runners on pc got on, thinking they could just have the same driving style and they found out they cant anymore and start crying. AND THEY LISTEN?!
Do they even look at the TT leaderboards? On almost, if not every track the top 5 / 10 are Medium TC runners. 

Please... update, rebalance,nerf whatever you want to call it assists in general.
I get that not everyone is a League Racing god and there are casuals as well who depend on medium tc for their lives but seriously, assists should never ever, EVER be faster compared to driving without. 

dont even get me started about ABS,

please codies, listen to the competitive community and not the casual plebs.

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