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Thickness Halo

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Just recently I bought F1 2018 and like some of  the drivers I don't like it that much.
But that's beside the point. We all want something close to a simulation, so of course it should be in there.
But I'm wondering if Codemasters have just measured the thickness and applied it directly on the simulated game.
Pretty straightforward, isn't it?
Well, no!
Most people have 2 eyes and can move their head a bit. This means that objects that are as close to those 2 eyes aren't that obstructing as when they are viewed with 1 eye. If this is not taken in consideration maybe they could/should do it.
Max Verstappen, not a fan of the halo, was asked if it's very obstructing and he answered that it isn't.

If Codemasters indeed didn't take in account the "perceptive thickness" of the halo would any of you be in favour of some compensation for it?

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