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I can’t play in codemasters’ F1 2014, each time when I play, the screen back to black but I always have the sound. In the same time, my computer send me a message that the display driver didn’t answered and was recover (you can see it in my first link). And just after that, the game stops suddently and restarts by itself.


I already tried those things to fix the problem :


-          Uninstall the NVIDIA graphic driver with a NVIDIA uninstall tool then install the last driver (344.60) : It doesn’t work


-          Reformating of my HDD then install Windows 7 and all drivers updated : it doesn’t work again


-          Older drivers test : no succes


I am not the only one into this situation, that issue was published in steam also : https://steamcommunity.com/...1074508115/?l=french

There is a topic in Racedepartment too.

Only NVIDIA graphic cards are involved. About me I have a NVIDIA Gforce 580 GTX CPU II Driver 344.60 (my PC fonfig is in the Dxdiag link).

Therefore, other of my friends have the same problem. So I hope I send you enough informations and I hope that you can fix this issue.

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Correct on the User Account Control, sorry that doesn't help you. I was able to start the game also, navigate all menus, sometimes I would get to the track or just before the engineer window game would go black with sound still running. As soon as I turned UAC on game ran as expected. No idea why its needed.
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Had this issue with F12013 and F12014 when I upgraded my EVGA GTX460 to a KFA2 GTX 660TI.

Previously, both games worked fine with the 460 but I got the dreaded black screen on a regular basis after my "update".

I used MSI Afterburner to lower the core clock speed and turned up the fans which seemed to help, but in the end I decided to downgrade and buy another EVGA card - the EVGA GTX 660 (not the TI). Since the new card I have had no black screen crashes. The EVGA cards seem very stable.

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