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Lap time desynchronising in all sessions


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Bug report
Platform: PS4
Version: 1.05
Mode: Career Mode
Accessory: Pad
Sessions affected specifically: All of them basically, sometimes it's fine, but other sometimes the timing screens don't make sense and it is jarring to see some times not in sync with Race Director for example. This one was from Free Practice 3

The lap-times in the garage don't match the standings at the end of the session though the garage times reflect in Race Director
This is an example of when it happened in Australia as Sauber so my team mate was Charles Leclerc
The standings that were in the garage:
17th  Lance Stroll 1:27.346
18th Charles Leclerc 1:26.421
19th Sergey Sirotkin 1:27.629
Leclerc was fast enough to be 11th, but showed him down in 18th
I went to retire from session because I completed the practice programmes I wanted to for the session, but I found the positions didn't change and the game just plucked a lap-time out of thin air it seemed to make the timing screen make sense:

17th Lance Stroll 1:27.346
18th Charles Leclerc 1:27.527
19th Sergey Sirotkin 1:27.629

Even though this time is 1:27.527, I go into Race Director to view the lap times and surprise surprise, I go to Leclerc's lap times and there in black and white 1:26.421 in green indicating his fastest lap in the session yet it says 1:27.527 in the session standings. For rivalries this makes the game so inconsistent to your performance because it makes your team mate look really bad against you.

Same for the Ferraris they were out of sync too in terms of their lap-times also, come on this is 2018 and you can't get ordering correct with lap-times, something's not right there. 9th title excluding F1-Race-Stars, need I remind you Codemasters.

Investigate further please, I am aware this is an issue for others too.
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