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Getting the PS4 Controller Gyroscope to Work


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I've been looking at getting the gyro in a PS4 controller to work with the PC version of F1 2018. I've used DS4Windows to turn the Sixaxis X-axis into the left thumbstick axis, but it leads to one of two things. Either:
The steering axis has a massive deadzone in the middle, as this axis is not modified by DS4Windows. Makes racing difficult
The steering axis has a tiny deadzone (which is what I want), but it's located at 37/100 to the right with no deadzone around 0/100
I know DS4Windows is correctly outputting the gyro axis into the Xbox thumbstick as it can be correctly detected in another simulator, but I think F1 is detecting the PS4 controller's thumbstick first. However, this doesn't explain why the axis sometimes reads 37/100.
Any help appreciated.

Edit: I was able to hide the DualShock4 controller from being detected. Confirmed in the other sim. But deadzone remains, leaving me to believe F1 2018 applies some sort of deadzone by default to axes. And now the PS4 controller isn't being detected at all.
Edit 2: Did a lot of further testing. Have come to the conclusion F1 2018 needs an independent axis selection feature because it is not detecting the axis I want, yet the other sim is performing just fine as I can select different axes with different controllers.
Edit 3: Managed to hack into some files, but I believe the problem still persists. Please add an axis selection!
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