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What the hell is up with the AI on F1 2014...

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No seriously... what is the problem with the AI... I'm playing a 25% race in Shanghai and it starts raining on lap 8 or 9 by lap 11 there is NO DRY LINE at all so I pit for intermediate tyres.... The rest of the field stay out on Primes and options (I know because when I passed Grossjean on lap 14 he had Options and his team mate Maldonado who I passed on the same lap had primes) 

Why does the weather not affect the AI in this game?
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The AI has some crazy traction in the wet. So far I have only done one wet qualifying session on Kuala Lumpur where there was AI present (online lobby with 6 AI drivers). I barely outqualified Bianchi for pole position (he was Legend) while my lap was really good if you compared it to the other drivers in the lobby.

Regarding staying on dry tyres: you should watch the temperatures of your tyres. Sometimes there is no dry line but your tyres are staying up to temperature, meaning that there is still grip for you
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