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Comparison F1 2018 to F1 2017 [PC]

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Hey ya'll,

i've been playing F1 2018 for 2 weeks now, and i thought i'd share some of my thoughts on what on F1 2018 i like better than 2017, and what i think was better in 2017. Ya'll are happy to comment!
(Disclaimer: the following list has only effects i noticed in the game, and has no claim of completeness.For instance, i focus heavily on carreer mode, but i dont drive multiplayer at all. So, keep that in mind).

So, here goes:

Better in 2018 than 2017:

.) Resource Points
Thats probably the single greatest thing i LOVE most about the carreer mode in 2018 over 2017:
The chance to aquire more resource points faster to push for more R&D in a shorter period of time.It's wayy more motivating, if you dont have to wait until like Season 5 for getting Durability and Engine R&D maxxed out to start the real sweet stuff (Aero).  BIG thumbs up to Codemasters for that!!!!!

.) Contract negotiations
This one comes in close behind "resource points", because you get to see positive effects of your past driving successes, and get to influence details of your driving future (mostly towards R&D perks, see above).
Very Nice!! Like It Lots!!

.) Claire
This one, although a nice role-playing-element in its own right (and i melt away at claires lovely accent!!!  :-)
This ties in nicely with the first item on my list, as in the effect my interview statements have on team department morales, and, in turn, R&D costs.   NICE!!!! Thumbs up!!!!!!!
(I only wonder what happens, once i have my reputation all the way up to Sportsmanship, and try tosign up with RedBull...)

.) The beefed up trailer
I like the new digs!!! ("Data Center")  Wayy better than the old engineering trailer in 2017, which was kinda boring (ok, maybe not then, but only now, by comparison). And the look of Fernando, across my desk, facepalming after the race i finished in front of him - priceless :-D

.) Double Rivalries
I like the fact, that now in 2018 my performance is compared not only to my teammate (which it always and constantly is), but also against another driver. Thats i big step towards the real world, i like it!!!!
The probable next step might be, that if you meet your rival driver on the track mid-race, that he might behave a little more agressive against you, than against others sort of like:
"I know i'm losing time against Vettel, but i really don't care!"  (C: Verstappen, Monza 2018)
... or that a rivalry could be created by an unfortunate incident between myself and another driver on track... Sort of to forge a connection between the actions on track, and their consequences off track, that carry over towards the following races... make the story a little more "woven together"... that sort.

Undecided, whether better or worse than in 2017:

.) Practice Programs
In 2017, there were 5 practice programs, and you got a fixed amount of resource points for each program you passed. No matter in which order you passed them.

In 2018, there are now 6 practice programs, and the points awarded work differently:
You get 50 points for the first program you pass, no matter which one  that is, then you get 40 points for the next program you pass, no matter which one, and so on, and 10 points for the fifth program you pass, no matter which one,and then you get exactly Zero points, no matter whether you pass that last remaining practice program or not.

Now, for me this feels as much a good thing, as it does a bad thing.
It's good for me, because since i drive on keyboard (only casual player), i never ever managed to get the Tyre wear program solved, never finished anywhere else than in the deep red. So, now in 2018, i don't lose resource points just because i dont have a wheel. And thats a good thing.

But then again, there's this nagging voice in the back of my head, that says, what if i DID manage to get the tyre wear practice program right, even on keyboard? Would not get any resource points for it then...

So, not decided yet, if i find this better, or worse than in F1 2017...

Unfortunately, there cannot be a list of positive things, without it's counterpart on not-so-positive things,so here goes:

Better in 2017 than 2018:

.) Labels on Tire-Stint-Graph in Race Strategy Preparations
In 2017, there used to be several descriptive text labels on the graph that shows the tire stints and pit stops, e.g.: Lap numbers, length of stint, estimated lap times, ...)  Those are gone in 2018.  WHY? What was the need for that? They were useful...

.) Video-Stutter upon Flashback
Now in 2018, most of the times one triggers a flashback, the video feed stutters massively for about 1 second after hitting "F1".  Note:  Only the video feed though, not the sound, it still goes on fine. This effect is only mildly irritating (but survivable), when it happens when you're on a straight line, but it is absolutely and positively CATASTROPHIC, while in a corner. There is an absolute ZERO percent chance that you catch the car back in and salvage the lap, or (depending on the track you are) prevent a terminal contact with the wall.

NVidia had noted this as an "Issue Fixed" on its Drivers Download Page (link to that page is in one of my other posts), and i did update my video drivers, but the issue didnt go away. Neither did it go away with Patch 1.05, still exists.
What has changed in the game? For this issue NEVER existed in F1 2017.....

.) the InGame-Music
This break-beat stuff in F1 2018 is a little too broken beat for my taste, i liked those spherical, uplifting keys from 2017 a little bit better... Actually, the F1 2016 music was better yet!! Better beat, way dancier...

.) Less quality time with Emma
Im (in 2018) in the career at Barcelona right now, but Emma made herself already noticeably rare (compared to 2017), why is that?  I miss the few exchanges with her... ;-)

So there, that's my first few thoughts on this, maybe (no, strike that:  most likely) there will be more in the future (i had already thought of a few more mid game, but couldnt remember now while typing, will add them later), but what do you think so far?

Cheers, Alexis

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The flashback issue have a work around, lower the weather settings from ultra to high , in the graphics menu. 

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I agree mostly with the above. Something I'll add for wheel users (not all may agree, but on my T500RS it definitely is the case), is the much more feedback fidelity. It's like the FFB refresh rate has been increased (which I believe it has), and you feel a lot more of the handling nuances than before.

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