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Well, had the number 6 and number 44 stickers been put on the cars the opposite way around, we'd be experiencing one of the worlds biggest sh*tstorms right now. Neither deserved that, and it was sad that the title battle was over mid race, but on the balance of the season Rosberg was more justified to have an issue to make it 3-3 in races this season. Ultimate respect for wanting to finish the race though, and dragging that mess of a car home at the end. 

While Rosberg can be proud of his efforts though, the right man has won this year no doubt. 
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Driver of the day: Massa, absolutely no question. To have brought a 14second gap down to 2.5 through tyre management and pace against a superior car deserves some credit. Gutted he didn't win that.

Driver of the season: Ricciardo, again, no question. Who else has taken it to Mercedes this year?

Deserved Champion: Hamilton. There were only 2 contenders really.

Fun fact: Only 3 drivers have beaten a fully functioning Mercedes this year; Ricciardo (Hungary, Belgium), Alonso, (Hungary), and Bottas (Germany). Make what you will of that, but it says a lot about those 3 drivers.
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