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Bug list Career Mode [XboxOne]


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Hello from Germany. In my first Career with Williams on XboxOne I had many issues which i wanted to list here:
1. Safety Car almost never comes out, even if the car stands directly next to the circuit.
2. I did a race in the Rain in Canada and I was two laps faster then my team mate on difficulty 105. Thats very unrealistic. In the dry my team mate is nearly as fast as me. 
3. Departing parts of the car simply go through the car in the case of a damage, you can only see this in the review mode.
4. The driver dislocates his hand at the pit exit, when he turn off the pit limiter.
5. The level of difficulty is inconsistent. Too easy at some tracks but too difficult on other tracks.
6. Stroll, Sirotkin and other drivers are much too slow, even if they would have the best car in the field, they would be 16th or worse.
7. The qualifying sim program is too difficult.
8. The traffic lights in the box and other things only get sharp after several seconds, (Livery from the cars in review, tyre blankets etc.)
9. In the wet you are much faster then the other cars on the same level.
10. Other drivers stops in the wet and drive then on slicks. That destroys the entire race. Same problem as in F12017.

With all the bugs the game is just **** and it does not make fun at all, so i really hope that Codemasters will fix the issues very soon. 70 Euros for nothing. Alonso would say: "It´s a joke."
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