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F1 2014 100% Career On Youtube

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Hi All,
I have my first race online in my current 100% race career.
Starting from close to rock bottom in the life of a true backmarker, with Team Lotus, hoping to claw my way out of that seat, before the season is over :-)

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Lotus is not really a backmarker car...

Marussia should have been chosen instead and the results would have been pretty different.

Nice video though but you should try with really backmarkers...

I'm playing my second season in career mode with F1 2012 in Marussia car without aids on Legend and that's a very though match between this car and the others...I must do very fine setups adjustments to be able to compete with the AI cars.

So I suppose it should be the same with F1 2014.

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It was the third slowest car, when I hot-lapped the entire field, except the four top teams, which was my main reason for picking it.

I'll agree that Marussia is vastly different than the Lotus, but in my experience the Lotus' really varies from track to track, in terms of being competitive.

I know there's a big difference between the Toro Rosso and even the Sauber, and the Lotus. I've been able to do much better with both cars in training. Maybe some of it has to do with the AI mod, I'm not sure.
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Thanks for your opened mind...

I think Melbourne track could be a good choice. I would be interested to know the setups you would put on the car on this track. I really worked very hard to get the best setup possible on the Marussia for the F1 2012 game. Of course, this setup won't be the same as for the 2014 game but it could look quite similar. I plan to buy this F1 2014 game soon.

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First race with my new team, Toro Rosso. Definitely looking forward to driving a more competitive car, and I even manage pole position in my first ever qualifying session with the new team. Unfortunately, my new engineer and I, seemingly need to work on our communication :smile: 


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