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Safety Car in Career Mode is Severely Broken


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In F1 2017, there were many known safety car issues. Unfortunately, it looks like these have carried over into F1 2018. This is not a new issue nor has it not been reported on. What I do see, is that there has been zero mention of it from Codemasters. Out of my past three races in career mode, two of them have been ruined and one was almost ruined by the safety car and it's host of glitches.  

During my first race, I was in Canada in P1 with three laps to go. Safety car gets deployed:
- I start down the main straight with a +1.5 sec delta to catch the safety car
- I get passed by Seb and Hamilton under SC flag
- I try to retake position, get told to give position back otherwise I will be penalized
- I flashback a few times, can't change the result. End up in P3 under SC
- Safety car is out for two laps while every other car tries to pass me unless I stay within a few inches of Hamilton's car. It takes me ~15 flashbacks to make it to the end of the safety car. 
- Safety car comes in, I finish race in P3.
- After finishing, it tells me I'm in P12 due to penalties. (??????)
I'm at a loss for words with this. It was bad in F1 2017 and I wisely turned the feature off like everyone else I know, but good lord this is so unbelievably unacceptable. 

During my second race at Silverstone, I was P1 when safety car was deployed. 
- I catch safety car (cautiously this time) and get told by my race engineer to pass the safety car to catch the leader.
- Confused, since I was the leader, I pass the safety car.
- I immediately get told to not pass the safety car otherwise I'll get DSQ'ed.
- I pause the game as the 'Black Flag' text appears on the screen and was able to flashback. 
- I didn't pass the safety car this time and everything seemed fine. 

During my third and most recent race in Hockenheim, here was the series of events:
- I am P1, safety car gets deployed, I catch up to the safety car
- I was asked to change strategies and pit under safety car
- I accepted the new strategy and pit
- I then got black flagged for overtaking the safety car and not returning the position since I technically passed the safety car in the pits
This is just a blatant coding bug, plain and simple. There is no reason this should happen and I can't believe something this big was missed. 

This game, for me, is all about the career mode. I'm now losing in the points race quite badly, and not because of my skill, but because of horrible game bugs. I sincerely hope this is fixed as soon as possible. 

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Also if you are lapped and behind another lapped car in the SC queue you are not able to pass the SC so anyone who you might of been racing who hasn't been lapped yet can drive around as they are ahead of the SC and gain a whole lap advantage.

Had this happen to me yesterday 
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I can confirm this is still happening. Fortunately I have a mid race save. No doubt the SC will come out again as it seems to be for a failure to Hulkenburg, who seems to continue to lap around at a snail's pace. I will retry and record this time. 
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Oh dear. This is the exact same problem I had with the 2017 game too and led to me turning off the SC completely. They're putting out a game for full price and it's still got the bugs that the last game had?! WTF. If they can't or won't fix it then just take it out of the game and stop ruining people's races. 
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... Oh dear. This is the exact same problem I had with the 2017 game too and led to me turning off the SC completely. ...
It is not a problem of 2017, it is a problem since SC was added to the game, because it never worked. Also Codemasters knows it is a problem, that's why the SC is disabled by default for 2018. ... But yes, it is not fun to play only part of the game so everyone who has enabled SC now have those old problems again.
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I have tried turning the Safety Car back on, only to have the exact same issues in the first race. As the title of the thread says, the safety car is severely broken. Please let us know that you know about the issue that's been going on for years and if you have a plan to fix the issue instead of blatantly ignoring us. 
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Currently have F12017 and have been considering getting F12018. Did want to know if the safety car bugs had been resolved before purchasing though. It would appear from this thread that they have not! Codemasters will not be getting any of my money this year. It's about time these issues were resolved, it is shoddy programming and spoils an otherwise good game.
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