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AI damage model is shocking

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Ok first of all I realise Codemasters are limited to how they do the damage models because of licensing etc but honestly the damage models for the AI in particular is embarrassing. Not only do they ram you off the road and take NO damage ("simulation") but i've even tested it thoroughly since release and its nearly impossible to make them retire through a crash. I t-bone them at full speed whilst they're turning in at a hairpin and I lose my entire front of my car whilst they carry on as normal. I can side swipe them at full speed down a straight and they don't even stray off line whist i'm shoved into the wall...its like their cars are driving on railway tracks.
I'm not asking for their cars to be visually smashed up like IRL because y'know "licensing..." but at least make them retire after heavy impacts ffs. Also they have front wing damage in the game, they have tyre punctures in the game...so when front wing collides with rear tyres why is it only the front wing that gets damaged?! Why not a puncture possibility as well? Its supposed to be SIMULATION. They cannot blame licensing for that as both are already in the game. It just seems like laziness. 
Its so frustrating and immersion breaking when you have a heavy collision with another car, you crash out and retire and you go to the post-race timsesheet and see they carried on without issue. I even witnessed an AI car lose its front right wheel in one rare incident on replay only to see after the race they somehow carried on just fine. Maybe a bug but regardless, its so unsatisfying to race AI, especially now they're super aggressive and love ramming you off the road. Don't even get me started on ghosting in career mode...Please fix this for 2019.

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