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GRID Autosport Location Spotlight: San Francisco

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It’s hard to find many people who don’t remember that first race in Race Driver: GRID and it’s partly the reason why we’ve decided to bring back the iconic city of San Francisco into GRID Autosport.

The street-based circuit makes for some great pack racing, with overtakes having to be timed to perfection or the risk of running out of space and into a wall becomes all too real. San Francisco also has that special something that not many other real world cities have, gradient changes.

Racing uphill (and then down again) adds a whole new element to the racing experience and it often comes down to a battle between the brave and the sensible.

Do you go flat out downhill but risk landing your car awkward and potentially end up spinning out of control or do you take it sensible but running the risk of your brave opponent pulling it off? It’s choices like this that make San Francisco a great place to race around and we’re incredibly excited to see it return to the GRID series.

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Quite a teaser, Loore.  I will never forget my earliest GRID experiences back in the summer of 2008.  Had just started fooling around with racing games a few months before I got the GRID demo, and I was at first intimidated by the menus and interface, they were so unfamiliar in my limited experience with other games.  Than came the demo's San Francisco race in the Mustang Concept GT-R and I was more deeply intimidated and fascinated.  It was so utterly captivating to a new racer.  I thought, what is this, I'll never be able to anything with this, this is way past my pay grade.  But it was so beautiful I just had to keep coming back and finally started to acquire some degree of comfort.  Then I bought the game (full price of course).  Then I got to race at San Francisco again, and a whole bunch of other cool venues.  GRID was not like any of the older racing games I had tried, and was far more addictive, entertaining and satisfying.  It is still the racing game I go back to over and over again.  And though I haven't played a demo of GRID: Autosport yet, I'm hoping Codies are going to extend that experience with the new title.  It's sure looking good so far.

GRID and San Francisco.  A match made in the U.K.  Thanks Codies, for all the great times, past and present.


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