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Toybox Turbos Multiplayer – Four Times The Fun! | Codemasters Blog

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Toybox Turbos Multiplayer – Four Times The Fun! | Codemasters Blog

Ok, I’m going to show my age here, but I’m privileged enough (or old enough!) to have enjoyed playing video games for over twenty years, and some of my favourite memories in multiplayer gaming was when everyone playing together around a single screen with four (or more) controllers plugged into the same console.

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@Satine - Is this toybox game free from the usual Codemasters issues?  

Game Freeze
corupt save game issue
DLC wont work online unless eveyone has the exact same DLC? 

It looks like Micro Machines - which was ALOT of fun.  

However due to recent CM flops,  I wont be able to spend any money on this game, untill maybe 6 months from now.

That will be when I will know if the game works or not.

Sorry for the downer,   but my hands and feet, and wallet have been burnt recently. 

Edit: Removed pictures.


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Hey, just wanted to give you guys a little thank you for finally releasing a new Micro Macines Toybox Turbos ;)

I bought it right at release and you almost nailed it. The gameplay is great and even the menus are not annoying.
Why only almost then? Because I have some minor issues with the game:
1. The colour palettes of the tracks are too similar, so they lack a bit of the individual style the old MMs had and everything looks like it's the same environment.
2. It would be great, if players could create their own profiles for local multiplayer (in case we've missed that, sorry, and I'm talking about the steam version here, I would assume it's possible on the 360 or the PS3)
3. WHERE'S THE SPONGE? I haven't played all the stages though, so I might be wrong here, too. But if there really isn't one: WHERE'S THE SPONGE? Seriously, there has to be a sponge!

What sponge you ask? That sponge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7cXUUyWOwk

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