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Grid Autosport DLC compatibility between players

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I've been reading up on how Grid Autosport handles custom cup lobbies with a mix of players who own different or no DLC packs.

It has become clear to me that the player who owns the least amount of DLC packs should host the custom cup to allow everyone else to join. I have two questions I can't find an answer to however:

1. I own the Coupe DLC which doesn't include new tracks or race modes. Will I be able to host a custom cup for people who don't own any DLC's and use one of my DLC cars?

2. If a player who doesn't own any DLC's hosts a custom cup, will I be able to select one of the Coupe DLC cars for those races? Or will all my DLC's be disabled for that session?

Edit: I just noticed I posted in the wrong section. My apologies and thanks in advance for moving this topic.

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