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Corner Cutting - Please help us for 2015

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The simplest way to run a league is to let people push the rules to the limit and let the game decide for us who's been a bad boy -  but if we do that we're just a bunch of noobs.

Extending the track limits by going wide to gain an advantage has been sorted 100% :) albeit in a slightly unnatural way, but big thumbs up from us on that.

However, the corner cutting saga continues from 2010. At places like Singapore, the severity of the kerbs alone does the job for us, but on most tracks there's a bit here and a bit there where you can cheat by fractions and gain tons of time.


1) Slightly fiercer kerb reaction when front two wheels are illegal (by cm's) without it being silly, just enough to make it not worthwhile.  
2) The "controlly" thing you were on about pre-release if that works, maybe that's for 2015.
3) For us a simple "Wall of Shame" would do just fine - add a "corners cut" column to the final standings. Then we can sort out the problems ourselves.
4) Maybe you just blip-blip the corner cutter - 1 blip for a couple of inches, 2-blips for more - something like that. Again, unrealistic but if it works...

I know we can save videos etc in 2015, but just maybe the "corner cutter" might forget to save his and any video anyone else did of them would be subject to lag and therefore inaccurate.

I'm sure I've posted a similar thread to this pre-release, but those would have been my wishes for F1 2014. Here's an example of how much you can gain:-
Edit:- after watching that, maybe the track "widening" needs looking at too.

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Perhaps another way would be to give us the option to make corner cutting as strict everywhere as it is at the entry to the Clark chicane at Melbourne?

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