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(Pc) Impossible to play, check cache of the game.


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After buying the F1 2018 I have had problems with all versions.  When I start racing I crash the game and tells me to check the cache of the game and I have to close the game through the task Manager. After verifying on steam, that the cache is well I try again and the game is back to crash. I have uninstalled the game, I have updated all the drivers, but the problem does not go away... help please.
I use the Logitech g29 steering Wheel and w10
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Hi @lezotarra,

I’m sorry for the late response. Is your game still crashing? Would you mind sending us the following items so that we can take a further look?

How to find a crash dump

1.      Browse to the folder where you have Steam installed, usually this will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam

2.      Browse to the userdata folder and Search for *.zip or browse to through the numbered directories to the relevant remote directory.

3.      You should find a file named something like crash_dump#76561198061784954.zip

4.      Send that file to us at community(AT)codemasters.com (replacing the (AT) with an @ )

 How to send us your in-game hardware settings file

  • Browse to your hard drive where windows in installed
  • Browse to "...\Documents\My Games\<game_folder>\hardwaresettings\"
  • Locate the file "hardware_settings_config.xml" and send this to us at community(AT)codemasters.com (replacing the (AT) with an @)


How to save a DXDiag

In Windows 8, Windows 10:

1.      Press the [Windows]+[R] keys on your keyboard to bring up the Run command.

2.      In the "Run" command box, type in dxdiag and press <Enter>. The DirectX Diagnostic Tool pop-up window should appear.

3.      Click on "Save all Information."

4.      Save the information to your Desktop, keep the file name as is.

5.      Send that file to us at community(AT)codemasters.com (replacing the (AT) with an @ )


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I have sent them twice and they are sent back to me by your mail. I'll try again. The first crash dump file does not appear. It will be because the game is left with the screen in black, I get the message to check the  game cache and the program I have to close it by the task manager.
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After trying to send more than 10 times the mail it tells me that it can not be sent. After having the game since the day of release and I have only been able to play 8 hours, I hope you give me a solution. I have all the f1 since the 2011 edition and I have never had any problem: I hope you give me a good email address so I can send you the files and solve the problem. If we continue the same, without an answer, I will not buy you a game in ALL THE LIFE. I expect a quick response as the situation is unsustainable.
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Hi @lezotarra, could you try letting me know your Steam ID instead? I might be able to get the crash dump that way.

How to find your Steam ID

1.      Click “Steam” in the top left corner of the client

2.      Select “Settings”

3.      In the Steam Settings popup select “Interface”

4.      Put a tick in the “Display Steam URL address bar when available” tickbox

5.      Close the popup by clicking “OK”

6.      In the Steam client click on your “Steam Name” and select “Profile”

7.      Your Steam User ID is the long number at the end of the displayed URL

How to find your Steam ID if you have a custom URL       

        1. Log in to your Steam account.

        2. In your steam interface, click on your username in the top right corner, then click "View Profile"

        3. While viewing your profile, select "Edit Profile"

        4. Scroll down to "Custom URL" and delete the profile URL you've set.

        5. Scroll down, hit "Save Changes"

        6. Once the page has refreshed, your profile URL will have your assigned Steam ID. Please send this to us.

        7. Make sure to re-enter your “Custom URL” afterwards and reset this to your previous custom URL.

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Hi @lezotarra

Thanks for that! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find much with it. Could you try sending your DXDiag, Hardware settings and crash dumps via google drive or another file sharing system that you trust? Or trying to send them in separate emails maybe? 

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