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Can't run the game properly


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Hello folks,
I recently bought F1 2018 but it seems like my PC is really struggling to run this game. 
My current specs are:
CPU: i5-6500k 3.2 GHz
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970
RAM: 16 GB
OS: Windows 10 64-bit

I have all Windows updates up to date, and my Nvidia driver is up to date to the latest one.
However, my GeForce Experience is recommending me to play the game on High settings. So I tried, but I have casual dips to 40 FPS on certain circuits. Brazil being the worst one. 
I ran a couple of benchmark tests and kept dipping to 40 FPS. So I turned the settings down to medium, but still I notice performance issues. Especially in like the first corner of a race, when it's rather busy with tons of cars. 
I understand my system is not the best and probably becoming slightly out of date, but I figured it'd be decent enough to run this game, albeit not on Ultra settings of course.
On top of that, the anti-aliasing is shocking. I have tried both TAA and TAA Checkerboard, but the edges still seems rather jagged. 
The game also looks rather... "hazy" or "foggy" compared to F1 2017. Even when I set the weather settings to sunny and clear, it feels like I'm racing in China with lots of smog. 
The fact that I can't run the game on ultra settings is understandably down to my current PC components. And I'll have to do some saving up before I can replace them.
But dipping from 60 to 40 FPS in certain situations is gamebreaking for me, especially in a racing game.

Does anybody have some suggestions or advice, please?
I feel like I've just flushed €60,- down the drain on this game because at the moment I'm experiencing more issues than actual playingtime fun.
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