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18 minutes ago, Willian Paganini said:

Good afternoon  @BarryBL , the blue flags with the driver number will be in the F1 2021 game as shown in the image below

Blue Flag.jpg

Barry has already said this is considered for the future but not for now, I doubt we'll have it for F1 2021 but we will have to wait until game gets released. If this wasn't added be patient because the development team is already aware about this feature.

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On my first 100% race at Bahrain on My Team, I noticed when approaching backmarkers, there are NO BLUE FLAGS at all. Not once did a blue flag appear during my race. Yet another person said that they were present on his game on his PS5. I'm using a Xbox One S and have yet to see a blue flag...

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My apologies for my unintentional mistake regarding no blue flags. What I didn't notice until yesterday, was I had the drive style on Casual, after changing this and then when catching backmarkers, the blue flags appeared. No idea why I had it on Casual, no idea why the blue flags weren't working other than that. So my apologies for my mistake. However the fuel really needs to be looked at, because there's no recovery when lift & coasting...

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