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Idea : Fuel & ERS Shortcut MFD

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So currently you are only able to put a shortcut on the MFD to either lower or higher both the fuel and ERS mode. 
A - ERS Down
Y - ERS Up
X - Fuel Down 
B - Fuel Up.

In this example you need to press A 4 times to go from overtake mode to ers mode off
and 2 times X to go from rich to low fuel mix.

By using these shortcuts there is a small delay as well compared to using the normal mfd menus and control them with the arrows.
this makes the shortcuts VERY annoying and almost useless. Before a corner entry i want to lower all modes and i need to do it as soon as possible without missing my brakepoint. 

My idea:

Have a shortcut MFD option for a FIXED ers/fuel mode. 


A - ERS Low
Y - ERS Overtake
X - Fuel Lean
B - Fuel Rich

With this option you only have to press 2 buttons IN TOTAL to switch to your desired ERS/Fuel mode.

Obviously, you can decide for yourself which of the modes you want on which button.
If you want a different one, just use the normal MFD option with arrows to toggle it in the race.

Please,please,please consider this option. 

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