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Hi all,
on PS4 Platform, version 1.07, in all tracks, if you start a time trial session with the ghost assigned by default from the game all things are ok.
If you select another player like ghost (no difference if it is from global or friends leaderbord) 99% of times when you go on flyin lap you don't see the name of the player that is ghost on the top left of the screen and on top of the ghost car during the laps...

Can u check please?

Thank you

@Faya @Hoo

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Didn't want to open a new thread for this but... Anyone have their time displaying under a different users name? If I do "find me" at Monza (I think, might he spa) it finds some guy 'redwing' or something like that. Possibly we set same time and as he was first to set it, it's saved his and I can't see mine. Will get the actual gamer tag when I'm home. Had forgotten with the reset happening

OG Xbox
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