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DiRT Rally 2.0 Confirmed Car List


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tbtstt said:
P308R said:
From livestream

- Peugeot 208 T16 R5
- Renault 5 Turbo Groupe B
Good calls, list updated!
One correction, The Renault 5 turbo its not in Group B @tbtstt , its not the Famous Maxi turbo model,
so  its in 80s Class like in Dirt4
Good call, that will teach me to copy and paste in a hurry! 
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I don't think it's strong enough evidence to 100% confirm the car is in game, but a reply from Oliver Bennett on Instagram:


Suggests his BMW MINI Cooper will be in DR2.0 "hopefully by the summer".

(Credit to @JorritVD for asking the question!)
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Volvo car can also be included in the RallyCross
If Volvo 240 would be in Game, then most likley will be in RallyCross, after realese of Dirt 4, Paul Coleman, went in Norway to Petter Solberg, He post some picture from Petters Garage, most likley they scan some Cars, and Petter has Volvo 240 for RallyCross in His collection

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I did some research which World RX drivers actually have been seen/named in the footage that has been seen of DR2.0 so far:

Some notes:
- While the names of Robin Larsson and Kevin Eriksson have been seen, their cars have not been seen in the game, and therefore still unknown if it will be an MK7 or MK8 model.
- The Peugeot has been shown some glimpses and only the name of Loeb has been seen. Though I maybe have seen the number 21 of Hansen. What I did notice about the footage so far from the Peugeot, it was still the model of DiRT 4. Why? It had the 'old-spec' 2016 rear bonnet and the 2016 livery. It could mean it will be the old-spec car that will be in the game, or it will be a placeholder till the new updated 2018 model is ready. I just hope both models will be in the game. The new model for the factory team, and the old model for the privateer entries. I hope the same will be applied for the Polo. I would also not mind if with the launch some models are older, and will get updated after a month or so (with a free update), so the focus can be porting more older models and get the new models ready.
- About Marklund, he drove with his Polo in both ERX and WRX and with GCK in WRX. So therefore a bit unknown which car or cars and liveries will be in the game. I hope both ofcourse. 
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