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DiRT Rally 2.0 Confirmed Car List


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26 minutes ago, dani211212 said:

@tbtstt This SUBARU isn't S4 its clearly S5 from Year 1999, look at the roof scoop! 

edit: that means they will use the interieur that used subaru 2001 in Dirt Rally 1

There seems to be some confusion on the "S4" @dani211212: I have long understood the WRC97 to be the S4 and both the WRC98 and WRC99 to be classed as S5 (the car evolved but the Prodrive designation remained unchanged). 

In the last 12 months or so, I have seen several articles (and EWRC) start to refer to 1997 cars as S3, 1998 as S4 and 1999 as S5: I am still seeking clarification as to whether this is right or not (what I have been told thus far suggests it is not, but I am trying to find something official). 

The car in the promo images...



...is using an "R" registration, which would suggest it is a 1998 car. It matches very neatly with "R14 WRC" (but changed to "R14 DR2"), a car McRae used late in 1998: 


I think Codemasters are using the (potentially incorrect) "new" designation for the WRC98: they are saying S4, for what is actually an early S5. But hey, at least they aren't saying 22B! 

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here is season 1998 wrc subaru,

it has two roof scoop, and from 99 just one bigger just like the one from promo photo

the first S3 has 2 roof scoops, and regular type of bumper (rectangle centre in bumper)

the S4 same as S3 two roof scoop, but v type shape on bumper,

s5 has v type bumper and one big roof scoop

the s6 or p2000 has same as s5 but white "clear"  white turn signal in bumper


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13 minutes ago, dani211212 said:

it has two roof scoop, and from 99 just one bigger just like the one from promo photo

The picture I posted in my previous post was taken in October 1998 (San Remo): single roof scoop cars were used that year. As I said, I think CM have modelled the DR2.0 car on R14 WRC. 

Colin used the same car in Wales 1998: 


NB: I don't think the roof scoops are an accurate gauge of car specification. McRae used WRC98 specification cars for most of 1998, but the images from that year show a mixture of twin and single roof vents. 

That video you posted isn't all 1998 footage either: it is a rip off of various APV clips taken from the film "Impreza a la Une". 


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https://books.google.rs/books?id=ZNVIBAAAQBAJ&pg=PA89&lpg=PA89&dq=mcrae+r14wrc&source=bl&ots=Fs1CK8DSut&sig=ACfU3U3MCTj-o9Au3nlEHgkpec8o3qTEhw&hl=sr&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj0yfS41annAhVxyaYKHQfyAHwQ6AEwCnoECAoQAQ#v=onepage&q=mcrae r14wrc&f=false

here is the Impreza Bible 

It was said that 99 version (post 98 august models)had changed to roof scoop that did change top speed for +2mph,

from Your picture the 1998 R14 wrc did had that new scoop on roof, as only two rounds at the end of 1998 season was used this R14 wrc model

it was preparation model for next season, just like Ford did 2005 with the new model Focus in last round of WRC Australia!


 this isn't clearly mk1 focus is it?

AT the end it doesn't  matter if its s4 or s5. the important is, We will be able to drive it in the game :)

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I have posted this in the DiRTy Gossip thread but, as it is being discussed here, I'll post this up here as well! 

I have been asking around for a while now to try and figure the "S" number thing out and, after posting on a rally page on Facebook, I was given a couple of names to contact. One of those names was Martyn Spurrell: Martin was an engineer for Prodrive during the SWRT-era, former MD at Autosportif, Impreza WRCar owner and now deals in rally cars, so he knows his stuff. I sent him a message a few days ago and heard nothing until earlier this evening.

Martin confirmed that Prodrive used the S5 designation for the WRC97, WRC98 and WRC99 Impreza rally cars. Much like the Audi "S1 E2" thing, he has seen the wrong S4 (and now S3) designation spread around the internet (and into print media as well), but there isn't really a lot he can do to correct it (he has pointed out that several ex-Prodrive guys have posted about it online, but they have gone unnoticed).

What Martin says ties in with the Impreza WRCar specification list on Subaru WRC Spares, which starts at S5, but raises another question: why do the numbers start at S5?

Well it turns out Prodrive used an "S" designation for their earlier Subaru rally programs; S1 was the Group A Legacy, S2 was the Group N Legacy and S3 was the Group A Impreza. Considering that each of these individual cars had the same "S" number for their entire lifespan, it kind of makes sense that Prodrive applied S5 to the WRC97, WRC98 and WRC99 as each were minor evolutions of the original World Rally Car design, where the WRC2000 was a complete ground up redesign. 

And S4? There wasn't one. Prodrive skipped it and neither Martin, nor anyone else he knows from Prodrive, has any idea why! 

So in answer to all of the above posts, whether it is based on a WRC97 or WRC98, the car in DiRT Rally 2.0 in a Subaru Impreza S5 WRC. 

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11 minutes ago, dani211212 said:

So basically we have this Car in game with Wrong name, again 🙂

Yeah, seems that way @dani211212, as I can't imagine it will be easy to change it if it has already been licensed as S4.

Although it isn't entirely correct, it isn't (in my opinion) as wrong as calling it a 22B! 

I am cursing myself for not asking around sooner, as I might have got a reply before CM went for licensing!

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Hey You are not Wrong for This Bad, not CM too, SUBARU Should Know better their History, but sadly today to much People work with no interess at all, just for paycheck.. that's all over the World. I am glad We found out the truth about S5 Name.  

So for DR 3 wont happend same mistake :)

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23 minutes ago, JorritVD said:

I was always thought the S followed the spec every year.

No, not quite @JorritVD. The previous information I had listed '98 and '99 as S5, but '97 wasn't shown. I think others may have had this, which is where the assumption that the '97 car was S4 has come from. The use of S3 is something I have only seen in the last 12-18 months. 

It turns out that Prodrive applied an "S" code to all of their Subaru rally programs, so the complete list of Prodrive S numbers is: 

Group A Legacy - S1
Group N Legacy - S2
Group A Impreza - S3
Impreza WRC97/WRC98/WRC99 - S5 (although the '98 and '99 cars had some improvements over their predecessors, Prodrive retained the same S5 designation for three years)
Impreza WRC2000 - S6 (also known as the P2000)
Impreza WRC2001 - S7
Impreza WRC2002 - S8
Impreza WRC2003 - S9
Impreza WRC2004 - S10
Impreza WRC2005 - S11
Impreza WRC2006 - S12
Impreza WRC2007 - S12b
Impreza WRC2008 - S14

For reasons unknown (even by the Prodrive guys), S4 was skipped. The above list is support by the Subaru WRC Spares specification list, which starts at S5.

The WRC2006 car was just the S12 (not 12a as per your list) and the S12c just applied to one (or possibly two, depending on who you ask) chassis.

I have been sent a bit more information this morning which further reinforces the above: if you look at the parts catalogue for any early Impreza WRCar, any part that was carried over from the Group A Impreza has an "S3" prefix as part of the part number. 

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37 minutes ago, dani211212 said:

@tbtstt maybe i am wrong but S4 is skeeped as SUBARU did use it for Road Model (even today they use S4 wrx)? 

Yes, that's right, "S4" does appear against a SUBARU road models @dani211212: that was a much later (2016) WRX though. 

In the case of the World Rally Cars though, the "S" nomenclature was decided by Prodrive, not SUBARU. 

The next mystery to solve is to ask why Prodrive skipped number 4! 

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59 minutes ago, dani211212 said:

probably You are Right, but just to say the first S4 was introduced in 1995, in form of the Alcyone SVX model...

Ah yeah! You're right! I forgot about the SVX! Well it might be a coincide but, given the timing, maybe that is why Prodrive skipped S4 to prevent confusion? 

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On 2/24/2020 at 7:54 AM, tbtstt said:

Thought I would post this here:


I don't think it is enough evidence to confirm that we are definitely getting another car for DR2.0, but perhaps (hopefully!) there might be a car or two more to come after the Flat Out pack? 

if this ever happens, it would be nice to get both the 2018 and 2019 cars, as well as Heikkinen and Nitiss' (2019) liveries

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