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which car is the best to drive in the super car catogaory and why


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Mazda, its grips like hell.
You can also brake lightly and later than most cars in the category.
It has good entry and good exit capabilities,  so you can take lot of speed though corners without any major issues.
In playlists you only have street tracks so the disadvantage of low top speed means very little.
Tune it up a bit, suspension is the main factor, and the car handles like a dream in my opinion.

Only downside is that in custom events where its proper racing tracks it does pale in comparison and will not compete with the other cars due to the lower top speed and such. it will literally get left behind.

I only play in playlists in these cars so its the choice for me, street track is all corners and short straights, this car is perfect for that, but thats only my biased opinion (I love mazdas). :)
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I will agree with you @SASBlink‌. The Mazda is one of the fastest car in super cars. But the viper is a all around car thoe. The only thing it lacks is top speed compared to everything. Viper sux on the ovals. But if it's a street course or a closed course then it will show its potential then. Like I sed 100s of times the fastest car is not always the best car.
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