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G27 Auto-centering with F27 with Feedback Strength > 0%

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I've just bought a G27, and have the following settings in the profiler per recommendations from various online forums (default profile only, no game-specific stuff):

Overall Effects Strength              100%
Spring/Damper Effect Strength  0%
Enable Centering Spring             [Checked]
Centering Spring Strength          0%
Degrees of Rotation                     315.
Allow Game to Adjust Settings [Checked]

In the game, I have all Advanced Wheel Settings at 0, Input Override to Steering Wheel. V-Sync is ON in Graphics Settings.
In Force Feedback settings, whenever I move "Feedback Strength" up a notch from 0, auto-centering of the wheel (and a really strong one, at that) kicks in. Driving an F1 car with auto-centering is next to impossible - I just can't predict where the car is going to end up if I let the wheel slip a little. If I leave Feedback Strength at 0, the steering doesn't get "heavier" at higher speeds like it's supposed to (and it used to happen in previous games), it's just [equally] slack all the time.

I have tried just about every combination of settings between the profiler and the game - unchecking "Enable Centering Spring", managing FFB via profiler and cutting the game out of it, lowering overall strength in profiler and slightly raising feedback strength etc. All of them have 1 consequence - auto-centering of the wheel is enabled.

As a drastic measure, I even installed F1 2014 on another (freshly installed) OS with latest drivers. Tried all permutations of settings again, no luck.

Can someone please help me out? Brand new wheel, brand new game; I was really hoping for no hiccups. Instead, I've ended up at a complete road-block. Any tips would be really appreciated.

Thank you,

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Thanks @teamsort for your response. I tried turning off V-Sync, no luck with that either.

Ordinarily, I'd drive around the issue (Hamilton fan all the way :P), but the opposing force by the wheel is so strong (even at say 10% feedback strength), that I'm worried I'll break some spring if I continue wrestling the wheel. Hence, I'm having to play with feedback strength 0% [and consequently, no feedback in terms of wheel weight :(].

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I'd just like to report a [tolerable] workaround that I found for this issue:

In Logitech Profile, same as Update 1 but with the following changes:

Overall Effects Strength: 50%
Degrees of Rotation: 900 [Full]


Steering Saturation: 70% [Makes it almost 1:1 with Degrees of Rotation set to 900]
Feedback Strength: Now 50%.

This gives me a little bit of the feedback that I need to figure out what the car is doing, with the steering becoming slightly heavier at lower speeds (there was an error in the first update - I'd like the steering to get heavier at *lower* speeds, not *higher*). The heaviness is still due to the steering attempting to auto-center to 0 degrees, and it very occasionally catches me out (correcting a slide is quite difficult because of the unpredictability), but this is a tad better than no feedback.

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