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Dirt Rally - Question about tracks variations

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After a few hundred of hours of driving on different stages and tracks, I was wondering which variants of a rally track/stage are physically different from each other, and in what extend.  There are the visual differences which are obvious in many cases, and which introduce their own grade of difficulty (driving at night is more difficult than during the sunny day; rain drops on the widescreen trouble the driver's vision; driving in the mist makes it a lot less predictable compared to a clear day (e.g. in Sweden or Monte-Carlo ...); diagonal sunset sun through the trees can cause some surprises; etc.), but what about the other physical differences ? There is an obvious difference of grip when you drive on dry or humid asphalt, but physical differences between other track's variants seem less obvious : is there a difference of surface characteristic (and do you notice it as a driver) when you drive on a track in Wales between a relatively dry track in the cloudy afternoon and the same but more humid track after a morning's rain ? And how to describe the physical difference between a 'humid night' and 'misty night' in Monte-Carlo ? I notice that the ratio of track parts does not vary with a change of weather : of course, asphalt will not turn into mud during day and night, but one can expect icy and snowy parts of a stage in Monte-Carlo to diminish between early morning and end of a sunny afternoon ? Or to get more slippy icy sections at night ?
What is your in game experience, and how do the codies approach the issue ? Please share your thoughts !

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