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Perfecting Monaco Assistance

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So with light to the issue many have regarding core tyre temperatures at Monaco and me being one such individual. I was not keen to lower the AI difficulty for just one circuit as Singapore (another many report suffering on) isn't really an issue and far more manageable for me.
So the only option really (bar an extra pit or switching tyres to US and SS) was to try to "perfect" Monaco! So I am trying to get each corner just right and working to keep an eye on temperatures on every individual corner making sure any weakness was worked on. Lower tyre pressure does help for sure!

Result; I found 2 main areas of personal weakness that I cannot for the life of me "fix". They occur at the corners of Mirabeau Haute and Nouvelle Chicane. Mirabeau Haute I can very easily loose 2 tenths on a standard setup, regardless of how I take the corner, brake early, late, coast the corner, burn the corner.. Not recommended on tyres but still didn't gain much more. And unless I cut the Nouvelle chicane considerably there too I can loose about 2 or 3 tenths.
I consider myself a clean and smooth racer but I race an average of 95 difficulty so not the fastest racer, but my reaction timing is very good, even online my starts are sometimes too good I nearly crash into the back of others! I have thought maybe this could be part of it, maybe I am too quick to get on the gas but I am still smooth to accelerate and notice no additional wear or temperatures even paying more attention than normal.

My main question is does anyone else find the AI to be a little too fast realistically on these 2 corners? I have turned down the difficulty to as low as 60 where I assume the AI would most likely race a standard setup (nothing special) and they are (in comparason to the rest of the circuit) still a lot quicker on these 2 corners. And I have found that I do push harder to try to compensate this seemingly impossible loss on other parts of the circuit, so though I am not overly pushing on any one part of the circuit I am still pushing more than I would balancing the overall pace without thinking of AI timings.

But to add to the conundrum at Monaco the AI does throw some odd times. I have noticed a few of times one particular sector a random AI will get a second or 2 more than any other AI and rarely the best cars that achieve this. For instance last race  in career I had, a Sauber, who are 3rd to last in all areas bar power where they are 2nd last managed to get a 1st sector 1.4 seconds clear of any other AI. This seems to be random in any Qualifying session but often happens in their first run of that session, no time speeding or skipping session intervention.

I'm curious to whether a general issue on Monaco exists where the AI act out of character in comparison to the rest of the season? I've not noticed this timing issue on any other circuits. The AI aren't as consistent in times per lap as I'd like to see but Monaco the gaps for random one off outlaps can be quite large. Biggest I have noticed so far was a 2.1 second 2nd sector gap in Monaco between that AI and the next fastest sector 2 by the other AIs. In F1 terms thats huge!

Apologies for the long post and sorry further if it seems so similar to the other posts regarding Monaco but as this was more specific to finding if the AI were as abnormal in outlaps and specifically in the 2 corners stated and wanting to guage specific information from others I thought this would be best. Thank you to all who read this and especially for any insight to the Monaco AI.

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