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1.10 Qualifying bug career mode


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  • Patch:1.10
  • Platform : PS4
  • Bug: Impossibble sector times in Qualifiying off different cars in different sector(on average 6 cars out of 19)

  • Hello after 1.10 i have a big Qualifiying Bug. Some Ai Cars(different ones) get impossible sector times(1-3 seconds faster then general). All in different sectors. The other two sectors are normal.  On avaerage 6 out of 19 cars have a way too fast sector time every weekend. Is this already known and is this going to be fixed? It is pretty essential. Qualifiying is near impossibble.

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Was about to post a new thread and came across this, this is what I encountered last night.

Patch 1.10
Career Mode
Abu Dhabi - one session qualifying

Bottas sets pole lap with a  1 minute 33 time, over 1.5 seconds quicker than 2nd placed Ocon (Force India have the 6th quickest car) who does a late 1 minute 34. Everyone else does time between 1 minute 35 and 1 minute 38 as expected.

Ocon sets the fastest 2nd sector by at least half a second, Bottas sets fastest 3rd sector by at least 1.8 seconds.

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I'm seeing strange times too and one or multiple AI drivers way faster than the rest of the group. Has anyone experienced anything like this in single race or championship mode? I'm playing my first career mode. Previously i've played 3 seasons in championship mode without any problem. Is it career mode related? Was it caused by the patch? 
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Yeah it would be a nice fix, sometimes it can ruin a fun race too, Monaco can see a whole bunch up. I was in a RB 2nd best R&D but on 25% I lapped some cars twice and most once due to them being held up by the slowest car (in all departments) on the grid by a mile but qualifying in 3rd! Was such an easy race for me and only 2 other AI who got away from them at the start. Though backmarkers was a nightmare!
The AI are much better that 2107 but they can sometimes still yellow flag style follow each other even on circuits like Canada where again a poor car qualified on pole by 2 seconds above all others because of one crazy sector. Some got away and some by pits but how poor the speed was on that car and the others were just following on all regimented including my team mate who is 2nd in all R&D departments and has a wicked good top speed!
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So it just happened again but not in qualifying (time difference cause wet to dry track), but the timings are always the same and its going hard against my immersion [img]https://i.imgur.com/MHCuEj2.jpg[/img]
Edit: I dont know how to embed the image right in my comment and MAYBE this only happens when you fast forward when you are in pit and watch the monitor ... you know 
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Well the link is bogus, trying to take me to another site entirely. My security just shut it right down!

To share a link you only need to make sure you have the page you want to share and copy paste the entire link. Preferably with a space or new line;
Like this (link only here)
Just make sure you are sharing a safe and secure site with correct link you want to share.
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  • Codemasters Staff
Please can you provide us with the following info and we'll try to reproduce the issue here:
  • Platform
  • Game Mode
  • Track
  • Session
  • Your Team
  • AI difficulty
  • Whether you fast-forwarded the session
  • Whether you simulated the session
  • Whether you retired out or otherwise skipped part of the session

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at least 8 examples:
Abu Dhabi P1, P2, P3, Quali (18 minute single session)
Australia P1, P2, P3, Quali (18 minute single session)
98 difficulty
Only accelerated sessions, then "skip" to next sessions before timer for session reaches zero
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  • Platform: Ps4
  • Game Mode: Career
  • Track : Australia, Bahrein, China, Azerbaijan, Spain
  • Session: Full Qualifiying
  • Your Team: Toro Rosso
  • AI difficulty: 102
  • Whether you fast-forwarded the session: Yes
  • Whether you simulated the session: No
  • Whether you retired out or otherwise skipped part of the session: No
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  • PC
  • Career
  • Track Canada France Austria Britain Germany Hungary Belgium Italy .... so every track
  • Practice Quali
  • Sauber
  • 105
  • Yes (and i think this is the point like i stated above. When you are on track with the AI its ok but as soon you are FF in pit they get like this "robot" times)
  • No
  • Skipping Sessions i think its also there.... eg when in practice and you skipped the rest 
I mean even in the latest Aarava vids you can se the quali times are off

i could go on but its always the same ... as soon you are on the track its fine but when you FF you get this crazy results not depending on Track Team Difficulty or Platform

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