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F1 2018 - Stuttering/freezing bug with maybe a solution for codemasters


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I bought F1 2018 in pre-release but I only tested the game last week and today I started a career mode.
    The main problem I've actually is that sometimes the game is stuttering/freezing. It seems that a lot of other players are encountering this issue. Even one of the most known player in the community (Tiametmarduk). Actually some players are trying to give hints and tips on how to solve/reduce the issue like reducing audio rate in the game, changing from fullscreen to windowed fullscreen, updating drivers, ... etc...  But even with these, the issue is still there.

    But I think that I somehow found what cause the issue.

    The issue doesn't come at any expected time or any expected corner on the track so , in my opinion, it is not something related to a rendering problem. As I said, I started a career mode and here is what gived me a hint. The first time I launched my car in the pitlane, there was an AI car blocked perpendicular to the pitlane. The AI car was trying to move but was blocked there. As the pitlane is automatic, my car just passed through the AI car. But just when I was out of the pitlane, I had a big freeze and I saw on the minimap that the dot of the AI car had disappeared so the AI car has just been removed.
    A little later in the game I used a flashback after a freeze and I couldn't avoid the freeze. each time I came back from flashback, there was a freeze at the exact same location at the exact same time.
    When the practice session finished, I saw that 3 AI pilots were DSQ. As I mentionned, the first one was almost certainly linked to the removal of the AI car in the pitlane with the freeze. And I also think that a second one occured with the freeze that I attempted to avoid with a flashback...

   I run the game smoothly at 83 fps (AMD FX6300 with GTX-1050-TI 4GT OC). There was no freeze in F1 2015, 2016 and 2017 that are using the same engine and even I had less fps in F1 2017 compared to this year. So I think that you did something with the AI or with the way a car is removed from the game. but I'm nearly sure that there is an event in the program that is called at that time and this event hangs somehow or takes too much time to complete (maybe an asynchronous call for the removal of DSQ might help...)

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