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[BUG XBOX] Fuel Usage Practice Program start failed

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OG XBOX, F1 on External SSD.

Practice 1 for Abu Dhabi, completed track acclimatization program on standard setup. 
Returned to pits and load my setup to get the 'Use two setups in one session' Team Goal. 
Start the Fuel Usage practice program.

I'm half paying attention, having a cigarette, car is loaded on the back straight. I'm holding Right Trigger out of habit, but I'm expecting AI to do its thing as it has every other time. I should get control at 18.
Reach down to put cigarette out and I look up and I'm heading for the wall at 11 flat out. Somehow get the brakes on and enough lock to cut the track and make it through the section with lava tyres but no actual damage. Continued to the line and started the practice program.

So, not sure if something I did triggered it, but the AI never engaged for the 'outlap' portion of the practice programme, just dumped me out in control before I even realized  :D :D :dizzy:

I'll upload the video to live at some point and add it here, pretty sure I recorded it. Should really check my recordings, I know I have a teleport and some ridiculous pit releases in there somewhere too.

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