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Setups and oversteer

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Which is the most orthodox way to induce oversteer or setup a slightly overstery car? Ballast or stiffer rear springs?

If I setup a car with 7/8 ballast and adjust the aero with 2-3 clicks more to the rear (and eventually even softer rear springs) is it still considerable as oversteery?

For example:

Wings 3-6
Ballast 7
Springs 6-5

I'm asking cause I'm looking for realistic setups even if I'm having success with higher ballast. This game has always rewarded high ballasts and oversteer induced via ballast but is it correct in theory?

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It’s correct in theory, and it works really well in the game as well. Those settings will make the car rotate so you can make the corners with speed.  

Slightly unstable at first, but doesn’t take long to get the hang of. 

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