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Xbox One Controller Rumble on 1.10 PC


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Still no communication, no update, no fix. Still unplayable. Unplayable may be hash, but its def a problem, cant feel how hard im braking, when i give to much throttle, makes it really hard and super arcady. I guess im buying Horizon 4 instead.. 
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8 days and still no fix, it is very laughable. Do not tell us it takes time to fix it, we are not stupid and we don't believe your lies. You just don't want to fix it, at least for now. The fact it implies Steam has nothing to do with the difficulty to fix it. Are you afraid of Valve? Did you contact them about this issue at least? Or you need someone, a customer, to call them for you and try to find an agreement to release a fix in short delay?

Seriously, telling us it is more difficult than what it seems is a total lack of respect and is making fun of us. I bet Codemaster informed Valve about this issue (I hope they did...), and as the fix has to come from Valve, now they are like "Ok, we did our part of the job, let's just wait that they deploy a fix, whenever it will be we don't care, not our fault".
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Faya said:

Hi all,

There are still discussions going on. When I have something more to share I will. Thank you for your patience   

Appreciate the feedback @Faya . I also sent a ticket to steam about it, and they said they where aware of the issue and that the development department is working on it. "Keep an eye out for a fix release on Steam Client Beta"
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Steam Client Beta Update - October 23

The Steam Beta client has been updated with the following change:

New Steam Chat
  • Unread messages or active voice chats will now update your Steam tray/taskbar icons to indicate these states

  • Significantly improved performance and decreased memory usage for HTML based UI (Store, Community, etc) in the main Steam desktop window

Steam Input
  • Added the ability to change controller type in the “Define Layout” screen. This only affects the glyphs and configurations recommended for the device and the limits of whatever low-level API the controller is read through still apply. For example if a PS4 controller is currently treated as an Xbox controller because of a driver or non-Steam Input remapping software presenting the device over Xinput reclassifying it to a PS4 controller will only correct the glyphs and the gyro/trackpad will not work.
  • Fix an issue with devices with digital triggers and buttons bound to trigger outputs

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